Oregon Coast - California - Crater Lake

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First stop on the Oregon Coast - Bandon Oregon stayed Near Kronenberg Park.

The Oregon coast is one of those rides that you feel sorry for all those people having to drive it in a car.  It is something to be relished when riding on a nice day.  It can get a bit cool at times, but when the sun is out your senses have more important things to pay attention to.  Ride it on week day when the traffic is light and you will be winding your way through the beautiful scenery with relative ease.  I have ridden this coast road many times, and it never gets boring. 

There a more than a few different ways to ride this coast road.  Take a leisure pace on a cruiser or adventure bike, or twist the throttle and follow the snake while a sport bike.  I have ridden it both ways and it all depends on what kind of mood you’re in.   One thing to keep in mind when riding it is to slow down when you go through the little towns on the way.   Small cities have a way of balancing their budgets using a radar gun.

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